The Small Business Tour 2013, "Time to Thrive", provides small business owners with the opportunity to learn about the transformative technologies and latest tools available to run a thriving small business in today's economy.

Agenda topics will focus on subjects important to small business owners: effective money management, satisfying customers, increasing employee productivity, and driving growth in a digital world.

Running a small business today is more complex than ever, but there are new ways of doing business which we call Small Biz 3.0 that give business owners tremendous opportunity. This tour is about getting focused on key areas that business owners have told us they care about including managing resources, time, people, growth, and money.

This truly is a time to thrive.  Register to attend in your city today!


See our recent 2012 Tour press:


Why did we select the cities for the tour?

We selected the cities on the tour with the highest concentration of small businesses with under 100 employees. We also selected two "up and coming" cities where small business growth was high. 


How did we select the companies and speakers for the show?

This event is organized by small business for small business.  We wanted to bring together the most disruptively high-impact technologies and products that are meaningful to small business and present them in a no-nonsense format. 

These companies we selected to represent this show are either award-winning, leading their category or they are so amazing but undiscovered that we made a few executive decisions to add them too. 

The leaders selected are companies that have moved beyond just ideas—they’ve reshaped the way thousands of small businesses work.  Along the way, they’ve learned a few things that we’ve asked them to share – not to sell, but to inform and educate.   Their conversations will include

  • New techniques
  • Strategies and paradigm shifts
  • How-to examples
  • Even a few time-savers on how to execute and avoid the pitfalls others have learned
  • Free stuff, of course

You’ll also get a chance to meet them face-to-face on Main Street and mingle with Business Experts including Accountants, Financial Advisors, CPAs, Marketing Consultants and others who have been hand selected to assist in the conversation.

The event is also recorded so various sessions will be available in our online community where you can review, discuss and connect after the event. 

We’ve created a rich environment for discovery and conversation on the shoulders of those experiencing the most success.  We won’t take your time for granted and have packed a high-value session into each hour so we hope you’ll take full advantage of your day together. 

View the list of The Small Business Tour cities and register today!