The Small Business Tour

Smart business managment is about having a management process in place that can proactively go after your goals and objectives.  The Small Business Tour is a Lunch & Learn series geared toward today's small business owner showcasing the latest tools and technologies to run a thriving business in today's economy. 

Bringing seasoned professionals to the discussion to share tips, techniques and strategies allows The Small Business Tour to engage small business owners to discuss current business issues that top the small business agenda: 

11:30 - 12:00      

Arrival, Networking

Check in and meet up.


New Management Paradigms

What is driving success today?  What have you been looking for to take your business to the next phase? Local lenders, advisors, and experts in their field share a few new perspectives on the anatomy of a successful manager and what new management techniques look like in the future.

12:15 - 12:30


Your Partnerships & Ecosystem

Partnerships that enable business collaboration will decrease the failure rate of small business. Lenders, suppliers, accountants, consultants, vendors are all a key ingredient and one that is becoming even more important in the future.  How do you engage, collaborate and support each other for mutual success?



Roundtable Discussion

A few key questions typically prompt discussion on ways to make these items a reality in your business.  Join the conversation! 


Attendees are welcome to stay and mingle after the event.