Small Business 3.0

Things to Know about Small Business 3.0

As companies mature, owners learn to move from hand-to-mouth management to proactively building an equitable business. We organized The Small Business Tour to tell the amazing story of transformative technology that has brought the small business community to a brand new place.

To thrive, owners take on a continuous process of setting goals and translating them into action as they get their team on the same page. But they are now doing this with less time and fewer resources.  This is where technology steps in.  Te new business world now demands a new level of management in three main areas: 

  1. Virtual: Traditional capabilities are now cloud-based.  Your company is your community and your network.  From your outsourced contractors to your influencers.  The entity of "company" is virtually represented. 
  2. Anywhere: The next generation of workers are expecting to work when and where they are.  Keeping your people productive means that your company's infrastructure supports anywhere/anytime access.
  3. Lean: By keeping a pulse on the business and reacting to the metrics that monitor performance, companies can focus and better react to market changes, customer preferences and activities proven to have impact. 

With technology like our visual dashboard Corelytics, we’ve fine-tuned a lean management process to take 30 minutes each month from what typically took an owner hours of spreadsheet manipulation. Expense tracking is nearly automatic; We’re now able to have a deeper relationship with our customers and process their feedback in a meaningful way. With mobile technology, there are capabilities to deliver exactly what we used to deliver only while tethered to a desk and there is so much more.  Our best to you as you apply the steps toward modern management laid out in this tour.