The Backstory

You may have seen that this event was built BY small business FOR small business. 

The founding organizers of the tour, Tony Lael, Kris Fuehr and Frank Coker were working to build the visibility for Corelytics Financial Dashboard with small business owners.  We met over sushi one day in Bellevue, Washington while brainstorming how we could break through  with the idea that there were new ways to think about running a business (using our financial dashboard). 

We caught ourselves several times saying, "it's more than calling out cool features, it's a paradigm shift."  Then we wondered how many other small business software companies (with the exact same budget challange) were saying the exact same thing.  So we went to our partners who serve (and love) small businesses --Intuit and Microsoft, to see if they would like to join us on a road to educate customers about these amazing new capabilities out there.  They agreed that it was a story that needed to be told and were supportive, even adamant, that WE lead the message, not them. 

More companies spoke up like Concur, Constant Contact and T-Mobile -- each with "amazing apps" for small business that they wanted to showcase using their platform or services. 

So, this is a story of "what's amazing" now -- from companies who may or may not have a giant budget to get their word out but who have a substantial base of customers who love what they do. It's an education in "new ways", driven by people who are vehemently passionate about small business and believe that the key to America's health is through the success of our small businesses. 

We hope you'll join the tour, network and learn about these new shifts that are making business fun again!  We'll work to keep your best interests in mind. 

-Kris, Tony & Frank

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