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Seattle won our hearts, now onto Houston!

The panelists in Seattle today were brilliant.  Thanks for the interesting discussion and all the great involvement from those who came, tweeted, clapped, smiled for the camera, networked,  gave interviews, won prizes and those who joined in our streaming show.  Varvid is working on the on-demand videos and we will post them soon!  In the meantime, if you had your photos taken, be sure to download them from:  We hope you'll continue to connect in our online community. 

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We're on the Radio, Saturday 1300AM 1-2pm!

Tune your radio to 1300AM this Saturday's from 1-2pm PST or live stream on the Internet. Robbin Block hosts the Minding Your Business radio program in the Seattle area where she'll talk with The Tour’s featured business owners Mark Sandeno of Rocketship and Tony Lael of Corelytics who will be talking with Robbin about what it means to be a small business owner today and how they handle some of the challenges around growing their companies.

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One iPad drawing in each city! (thanks Cisco)

Book Appointments starting today!  Win an iPad when you book appointments in the Small Business Community.  For each Meeting scheduled, your name will be entered to win a drawing at the end of the Main Street session!  Start your profile and hook it up today to your existing social media profiles.  It's easy, fast and will help you make better connections at the show. 

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